Bag & Boop 100% Compostable dog poop bags

Our eco-friendly dog poop bags are plastic free 100% compostable and biodegradable. Made from renewable plant-based materials (corn starch).

Our bags meet strict European testing standards and are EN13432, OK HOME compost and Din Certco certified. Bags achieve full degradation within 180 days within ideal conditions.

During degradation they leave behind ZERO MICRO-PLASTICS just soil-enriching nutrients CO2 and H2O. Suitable for both Home and industrial composting.

Vegan friendly.

Strong (18 microns thick) and leak proof.

Large size – 230mm x 330mm.

Unscented and chemical free – zero synthetic perfumes used to mask/hide odour.

We’re the first and only UK Compostable dog poop bag company to say goodbye to sticker sabotage, thanks to our kraft paper sleeve that encases each roll. #saynotostickersabotage

Packaging, roll cores and kraft sleeve are all recyclable.

£1.25 per roll (20 bags)


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