Natural Suncream for Dogs


Did you know some dogs do need suncream used, especially those with short or light fur, pink noses or any dogs in places with less fur ie armpits etc.

Our suncream is completely natural and contains:

☀️ Coconut oil
☀️Shea Butter
☀️ Bees Wax
☀️Vitamin E
☀️ Raspberry seed
☀️ Aloe Gel
☀️ Lavender Essence

We have left zinc out of the recipe as there are studies against it. We cannot guarantee the exact SPF rating due to it being natural, but should be around 15-20.

You can also use this on yourself if you wanted to! 🤯

This is a waterproof formula for those dogs who love to splash around!! 💦 We recommend applying every 2 hours and to of course offer plenty of opportunity for shaded resting and fresh cool water to drink!

Our suncream is available is 50ml tubs